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0000456: Akaroa 2.7.9 does not work for aloha example
I have Akaroa 2.7.9 installed on two x86/64 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.10 machines (one with an AMD Phenom II 4-core processor and other with Intel core2duo 2-core processor).

After installing OMNeT++ v4.2, I tried to run the command as described in akaroa.ini file for the aloha sample after starting akmaster and akslave, i.e.

akrun -n 3 -c 0.90 -- ./aloha -u Cmdenv -c PureAloha1 akaroa.ini

The program runs and shows 3 processes and their pid, but 'akstat -G' shows no parameters. Eventually, a 'connection lost' error message is displayed.

I have compiled and ran the simulation on both machines with the same results.
Inclusion of akaroa header file and explicitly calling akaroa functions solves the problem.
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2011-12-09 20:46   
I've confirmed this on my system with Akaroa 2.7.9 and OMNet++ v4.2 on x86_64 OpenSuse 12.1. It doesn't seem to be a problem with OMNet++ itself. In the file, from OMNet source code, calling (assuming more than 5 parameters registered) :
AkObservation(1, value);
AkObservation(5, value);
directly, Akaroa will treat those observation but not with AkObservation(vp->ak_id, value); in the original code. I can't figure out why this is the case. A problem with the linking or Akaroa itself? Anyone can help?