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0000047OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2009-01-20 10:202009-01-20 11:06
0000047: Crash in Tkenv when inspecting a module
If a simple module has a member(such as, a queue) which is an object of class inherited from the cSimpleModule(which is inherited from cComponent), and the componenttype could be left unset. But if I try to inspect the simple module in the GUI, an error will happen. I found such codes in the
    const char *getObjectShortTypeName(cObject *object)
           if (dynamic_cast<cComponent*>(object))
               return ((cComponent*)object)->getComponentType()->getName();
               return object->getClassName();
Because my queue does NOT set the componenttype, so the getComponentType() returns NULL. Should some ensurance be added?
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2009-01-20 11:05   
Modules (objects derived from cSimpleModule) may only be created via the cModuleType::create() function. It is illegal to create them directly via "new".

Tkenv has been fixed not to crash on such cases, but to print a meaningful error message.
2009-01-20 11:06   
Client code needs to be fixed not to instantiate a module class without cModuleType object. Tkenv crash was fixed in OMNeT++.