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0000005OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2008-11-24 15:212008-12-01 18:26
0000005: save settings of sequence charts
It would be nice, if I'll be able to save settings of sequence charts. Not every time add vector to axis, set hide/show options, and so on.
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2008-12-01 12:22   
Just checked: Most of the settings are stored automatically in the workspace if the sequence chart is closed. Vector file association, zoom level, timeling mode, axis spacing, axis ordering are saved and restore on next open correctly.

Some values are not saved however: Show all/Filter modules state, show event number, show message name, show message reuse. These must be fixed.
2008-12-01 15:52   
added save support for show event number, show message name, show message reuse.

Show all/Filter modules state still not saved. Needs further investigation whether it is ok to start as a filtered view by default (filereing can be a LONG running operation)
2008-12-01 15:56   
Relly is vector file association automatically stored. When I add some vector to some axes, clese ethe elog file and reopen it. I have to add all vectors all switch show/hide options.
2008-12-01 16:10   
The state of buttons are saved now. The only exception is that a chart always opens without filtering. This is required because a filtering can take a long time which is not acceptable (usability) when opening an sequence chart. to activate the filtering the user explicitly must click the filter button (however the content of the filter dialog is saved, so you just have to click ok) and the previous filtering is activated.
2008-12-01 18:26   
Alls settings are stored now except the Show all/Filter... state which should be set manually. i.e. filtering is never activated automatically (as it may be time consuming).