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0000052OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2009-03-06 14:302009-03-10 11:09
0000052: Simulation progress stalls in large simulations with Tkenv express mode
Due to the new time-based GUI updates in Tkenv fast and express modes, simulation progess with large simulations sometimes stalls.

The problem is, that GUI updates take more time if there are more events / modules in a simulation. With a fixed update interval (e.g. 1000ms default in express mode) complex simulation will stall, if a GUI update takes more time than the update interval. In this case all computational resources are used to for GUI updates and no resources are left for simulation progress.

Probably you should revert update behavior to event-based intervals.
Ubuntu, omnetpp-4.0rc2
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2009-03-08 17:32   
How about excluding the GUI update time from the time interval calculation? I.e. with 1000ms, the simulation would always execute for 1000ms between two GUI updates, no matter how long GUI updates last.
2009-03-10 11:09   
fixed as described