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0000521OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2012-01-15 13:322012-01-15 17:36
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0000521: channel parameters cannot be set with pattern assignments in NED
Channel parameters cannot be set with pattern assignments in NED


module Node
        input in;
        output out;
    connections allowunconnected:

network FifoNet
        **.datarate = 444 Mbps; // <---- THIS LINE IS INEFFECTIVE
        a: Node;
        b: Node;
    connections allowunconnected:
        a.out --> ned.DatarateChannel -->;

The datarate setting line does not take effect. At the same time, a **.datarate=... line in omnetpp.ini is OK.

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2012-01-15 16:36   
Pattern assignments are supposed to be applied to channels in same way as to submodules, in

  void cNEDNetworkBuilder::assignParametersFromPatterns(cComponent *component)

invoked indirectly from

  cChannelType::create(const char *name);

This method calls getParentModule() repeatedly until it reaches the top, and applies pattern assignments it finds at each level. This works fine for modules,
but a channel's getParentModule() returns NULL, because the parent module is not know yet! (cChannel::getParentModule() computes it from the source gate, which is unset at this point). Modules work because cModuleType::create() requires the parent module pointer too, in addition to the name string.


1. add the "cModule *parentmodule" arg to cChannelType::create() too; this will make it symmetric with cModuleType. connectTo() will need to ensure that the channel object is indeed used for a connection that has the previously specified parent.

2. change the code so that parameter reading is delayed until the channel object is used for a connection.
2012-01-15 17:36   
Only 2) works, because the srcgat/srcmodule is also part of the channel fullpath, parentmodule is not enough.

- {cModuleType|cChannelType}::create() should only apply the parameter values that come from the NED *type* of component (regardless of the place of instantiation)
- local assignments (from submodule/connection NED element), NED pattern assignments and inifile assignments should be done within finalizeParameters(). finalizeParameters() already calls ev.readParameter(); it should also call a new cComponentType::assignParameters() method first, which would perform the local assignments and pattern assignments from NED. This should not touch parameters already set.

Between the two, the user could manually set parameters; user's assignments would not be overwritten by later local/pattern assignments.