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0000522OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2012-01-15 13:392012-03-12 12:07
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0000522: "OMNeT++ [built-in]" C++ code style not effective in a fresh install
For example, the C++ editor inserts Tabs instead of spaces, even though the code style says spaces.

To make it effective, one must switch away to another style, press Apply, switch back, press Apply again. This is a likely CDT bug, but the IDE could apply the workaround automatically on the first startup.

Preferences -> C/C++ -> Code Style
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2012-03-12 12:06   
The profile is basically a group of settings that must be applied.Profiles are somewhat bound to the UI so it is hard to apply them on startup. A correct solution would be to contribute the profile via an extension point.

For now, we configure the most important settings on startup (TAB vs. spaces, indent size) so at least new files will not contain tabs anymore.