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0000536OMNeT++command line toolspublic2012-02-02 16:302012-03-12 16:46
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0000536: Output is not overwritten if switching between release and debug mode
Once both release and debug binaries are created invoking the makefile does nothing (because no source files were changed). The problem is that a user may want to activate the relase or debug libs by executing make MODE=release or make MODE=debug.

These commands MUST simlink/copy the correct dll/so into the output directory when the make file invoked even if the source files were unchanged.
Solution: move the lines responsible for simlinking/copying to the deafult all (phony) target so they will execute unconditionally.
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2012-03-12 16:46   
rearranged makefile. 'all' is now a correct .phony target and the simlink to either debug or release target is always created even if both debug/release build of the target is up to date