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0000540OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2012-02-21 06:502012-02-21 06:50
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0000540: Make the type string definitions jumpable
It would be nice if the string definitions for like-types would be jumpable (jump to definition) by mouse click and CTRL button.

module WirelessNodeNetwl
        string networkType = default("BaseNetwLayer"); //type of the network layer
        string mobilityType = default("ConstSpeedMobility"); //type of the mobility module
        string arpType = default("BaseArp"); //type of address resolution module
        string nicType;

        input radioIn; // gate for sendDirect

        arp: <arpType> like IBaseArp {
        mobility: <mobilityType> like IMobility {
        nic: <nicType> like IWirelessNicUpperCtrl {
        // OSI network layer
        netwl: <networkType> like IBaseNetwLayer {
    connections allowunconnected:
        nic.upperLayerOut --> netwl.lowerLayerIn;
        nic.upperLayerIn <-- netwl.lowerLayerOut;
        nic.upperControlOut --> { @display("ls=red;m=m,70,0,70,0"); } --> netwl.lowerControlIn;
        nic.upperControlIn <-- { @display("ls=red;m=m,70,0,70,0"); } <-- netwl.lowerControlOut;

        radioIn --> nic.radioIn;

what I mean is that

string networkType = default("BaseNetwLayer");

CTRL-LeftMouseButton does not work on BaseNetwLayer.
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