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0000546OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2012-02-29 21:342013-08-07 15:48
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0000546: Result Analysis tool does not understand infinity
MSVC's printf outputs 1.#INF and -1.#INF for infinity, but if I open in the IDE a scalar file containing such a value (attached one), the value does not appear and the .sca file is flagged with an error marker.

Same error should be reproducible with scavetool (not tried).

Apparently the fault of parseDouble() in Should check for "INF" as substring (strstr()), like for "IND". Even better, case insensitive substring.
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fixed *after* 4.2.2
2013-08-07 15:48   
I was unable to reproduce this bug with OMNeT 4.3.
From the code it seems that it has already been fixed.