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0000593OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2012-09-05 16:012012-09-08 09:57
0000593: change impl. of WATCH_VECTOR(), WATCH_PTRVECTOR() etc so that vector elements are individually inspectable
Currently elements of watched std::vectors, std::sets, std::maps etc are displayed as strings. This could/should be changed so that if elements are themselves inspectable (provided they are some compound type, e.g. foo_struct or cMessage*).

To achieve this, in cStdVectorWatcherDescriptor, the following changes need to be done:

- getFieldTypeFlags() should return FD_ISCOMPOUND and FD_ISPOINTER too, if applicable. Input should arrive in cStdVectorWatcherDescriptor's constructor, invoked by cStdVectorWatcherBase::getDescriptor(). In theory, FD_ISCOBJECT/ISCOWNEDOBJECT should be set accordingly too, but there's little penalty for failing to set them.

- getFieldStructName() and getFieldStructValuePointer() should be implemented too

The above hints are based on the post-4.2.2 topic/simfrontend branch.
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useful info for figuring out FD_ISCOBJECT etc: [^]