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0000061OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2009-04-03 14:562010-05-26 20:07
0000061: "Re-layout" sometimes doesn't show an effect in Fast mode
If you run a simulations in Tkenv fast mode and press the "Re-Layout" button, the layouter correctly redraws the canvas with a new seed.

But in about 50% of all cases that layouter seed gets reset to the previous seed value if the next periodic screen update occurs (and therefor undoes the "Re-Layout" operation).
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2010-05-26 20:07andrasNote Added: 0000308
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2010-05-26 20:07andrasFixed in Version => 4.1
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2010-05-26 20:07   
This bug occurred because Tkenv processed events during incremental layouting (i.e. while the simulation is running and it is placing newly created modules). In 4.1rc1 this was changed so that only click of the STOP button is processed, using Tk's "grab", to fix 0000056.

"grab" results in loss of mouse events outside the grabbed widget, so in 4.1rc1 it is not so easy to click Re-layout if the simulation constantly creates new modules; this was alleviated in 4.1rc2 (the "grab" is only activated after 3 seconds spent layouting).