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0000626OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2013-01-30 17:222013-12-06 17:26
0000626: A way to specify a distribution that results in events at specific time values
In models it is often required that a source should generate messages at specific point sin time. Models usually use an "interArrivalTime" parameter to specify a distribution. It would be great to have a function that would provide just the right distribution to have the proper values so the evenets will be generated correctly:

**.interArrivalTime = exactlyAt(5s, 20s, 67s, 200s)

Internally this should use simTime to figure out the next event and calculate and return the dT until that time...
A more generic solution:

Implement the following function:

simtime firstGreaterThan(base, a1, a2, a3 , a4 ...)

this function would return the first "a" from the series which is greater than "base"

after this I would write something like this:
**.sendTime = firstGreaterThan(simTime(), 5s, 50s, 100s) - simTime()
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A better name:
**.interArrivalTime = timeUntil(5s, 20s, 67s, 200s)