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0000638OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2013-03-19 12:472013-03-19 12:47
0000638: No support for filtering out unwanted messages, or to specify a pattern filter
It is not possible to specify in the filter dialog which messages I *don't* want to see. E.g. in wireless simulations I'd like to hide all 'move' messages, but the dialog only lets me specify which ones I *want* to see.

Further problems with this filter page:
2. I need to manually check *all* of them, there is no 'check all' menu item (I have a long list!)
3. The list only contains the messages that the tool has already seen; so if I turn on this filter, any messages new to the tool will be hidden!
4. There is no pattern support. Since I have ping1,ping2,...ping242,ping921,.., it would be quite useful to be able to filter for (or to filter out) 'ping*'

Also, for usability, it would be great to be able to right-click a message in the chart and say "Don't show such messages again" (it could ask back how to identify 'such' messages: by name, by class name, by tree id, etc.)

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