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0000644OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2013-04-04 14:002013-04-04 14:00
0000644: Error in Ideal Simulation Protocol, choosing next Event (assertion)
The bug appears when using the Ideal Simulation Protocol. At first I used the cISPEventLogger, which created the .dat files. Then running the cIdealSimulationProtocol synchronization class the assertion in line 115 is false(sim/parsim/

To reproduce this issue generate a local event at time X and an external event at the exact same time. (msgTime == nextExternalEvent.t)

I the fixed this bug with the following code. I think this case is missing:
(inserted at line 103)

if (msgTime == nextExternalEvent.t && msg->getSrcProcId()==-1) // execute local event at first
    return msg;

And I think that another case is missing:
(msgTime == nextExternalEvent.t && msg->getSrcProcId()!=nextExternalEvent.srcProcId)
(But just adding this case to the assertion did not help)
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