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0000066OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2009-04-13 21:112010-04-25 19:15
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0000066: precidence of parameters in ini files
In the current release, duplicate parameters that appear multiple times will ignore all except the first instance of a particular parameter. My suggestion is to allow overwriting of previously defined parameters.

This is particularly useful in the case that you want to setup a 'default.ini' that include a baseline set of parameters that will get your simulation running. In practice you would just include it in a "main" ini file and include along with it modified parameters that you want to change, instead of having to restate everything.
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As a workaround you could include the default.ini at the end of your omnetpp.ini.
2010-04-25 19:15   
This would introduce major incompatibility, and benefits are dubious.