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0000660: project not re-linked when new module is added to referenced project project
Create two projects:
  1. base: produces a static lib
  2. derived: references 'base', links with its static lib

Then create a new simple module in the 'base' project, then hit Build. The 'derived' project should be re-linked as a result, but it is not

Reported by Andras Ferencz.

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2013-06-17 16:03   
See attached project. Build and run: there will be an error because of missing Sink class. Then:

$ mv <--- restores the Sink class so everything should be OK

Hit build again and run. It will STILL fail, because derived project is not re-linked.

Hit Clean All+Rebuild. It will now run.

Cause: missing dependency: target of link step should depend on the libs exported from referenced projects.