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0000675OMNeT++Installer / Productizingpublic2013-09-05 15:122013-12-12 11:58
0000675: cAdvancedLinkDelayLookahead not included for build
According to Parallel Simulation documentation exists two possible classes that can be used to configure the MPI LookAhead parameter (parsim-nullmessageprotocol-lookahead-class) of a simulation. When trying to use the cAdvancedLinkDelayLookahead class for some test using parallel simulations I get an error indicating the class cAdvancedLinkDelayLookahead is unknown for the OMNet++.

"<!> Error: Class "cAdvancedLinkDelayLookahead" not found -- perhaps its code was not linked in, or the class wasn't registered with Register_Class(), or in the case of modules and channels, with Define_Module()/Define_Channel()."

After some investigation I could verify the Makefile in $(OMNET_HOME)/src/sim doesn't include the class cAdvancedLinkDelayLookahead in the OBJS_PARSIM variable making it to not be included in the OMNet++ libraries compilation.
This problem appears in previous versions of the OMNet++.

I've attached the omnetpp.ini of the tictoc sample that reproduces the problem
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? omnetpp.ini (1,658) 2013-09-05 15:12
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