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0000070OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2009-05-30 09:532009-06-09 13:59
0000070: Messages sent/scheduled from method calls are visualized incorrectly
When module A calls a method in module B, and the method schedules a self-message, the message is visualized as if it was sent from module A to B, and not as a self-message within B. Similar thing happens when B sends a message from the method (arrow starts at module A, not at B).

Visualization should be modified to make clearer what actually goes on: some special arrow should depict the method call from A to B, and the message should be visualized as a self-message of B (arched arrow).
Create a network with 2 modules.
Module B contains:
  void method() {
      scheduleAt(simTime()+1, new cMessage("timer"));
Module A contains:
  void handleMessage(cMessage *msg) {
      ModuleB *modB = ...;
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2009-06-08 13:20   
To avoid confusion the method call arrow should not point to an event marker at the callee's axis, because there is no such event. Rather it should just simply point to the axis and other arrows should simply start from that point.
2009-06-09 13:59   
Implemented as in the error's description.