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0000700OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2013-12-11 19:002014-01-02 16:06
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0000700: Filter combos in the Browse Data page don't shrink
This is for OMNeT++ version 4.4 which is based on Eclipse 4 Kepler.

When resizing the analysis editor to make it narrower, the filter panel (3 combos + 2 icon buttons) on the Browse Data page does not shrink as it is supposed to. It only shrinks down to about 1024 pixels wide, then it stops shrinking and the panel becomes unusable because the icon buttons go off-screen.

In version OMNeT++ 4.2.2, the same panel could be shrinked down to about 512 pixels wide which is visually OK. (1024 pixels is not.)

Widths being power of 2 may be accidental.

May be related to Eclipse 3.x -> 4.x change, as related OMNeT++ source code hasn't changed between those two releases.

Default Ubuntu desktop (Unity), but similar effect was seen on Kubuntu.
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Related: in the same filter panel, combos are also a few pixels too tall, resulting in their bottom few pixels being shaved off. Again, in OMNeT++ 4.2.2 it was still OK (tested on the same Ubuntu installation).