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0000708OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2014-01-24 13:242014-02-05 17:00
0000708: Large vector files leads to exception in Analasis file
Dragging a large Vector file into the input area of an open Analysis file leads to an exception. The vector file then cannot be analysed.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a large vector file
2) Create a new analysis file (Right click on project folder -> New -> Analysis file)
3) Drag and Drop your large vector file from the folder view onto the input files section of the analysis file

Expected behaviour:
The vector file can be analysed (e.g. plotted, etc.)

Actual behaviour:
An Exception is shown, and it is not possible to analyse the vector file

Attached to this report are a screenshot and a text file with the exception text.
Kubuntu 13.10 64 Bit
OMNeT 4.4
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png Exception.png (41,402) 2014-01-24 13:24

txt Exception.txt (6,315) 2014-01-24 13:25
? General-0.vec (250,515) 2014-01-24 13:31
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2014-01-24 13:29   
I would like to correct my bug report: I think it has nothing to do with the size. I previously tried to analyse vector files with >300Mb, but I can actually reproduce the error also with vector files of size 2Mb.
2014-01-24 13:32   
As it is also possible to reproduce it with smaller files, I have uploaded a vector file of size 200Kb (General-0.vec) which triggers the error for me.