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0000717OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2014-02-10 15:372014-02-24 11:09
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0000717: Event log event filter problems
- After doing a filter and the pressing the button again nothing happens. A second click will invoke the dialog correctly. This happens each time the dialog opened.

- The tine limiting is not filtering correctly. Specifying a limit of 0.01 to 0.06 returns events with 0.073xxxx timestamps.
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2014-02-24 11:09   
Fixed the simulation time filter issue by replacing a call to getFirstEventNotBeforeSimulationTime with getLastEventNotAfterSimulationTime.

The other part of the bug report is not a bug. The way the filter button works when it is pressed instead of selecting from the drop down list is that it toggles between filtered and unfiltered eventlog.