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0000076OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2009-06-10 15:382011-05-24 12:47
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0000076: Dependency is not correctly calculated for msg files in a new folder
If we add a new file folder into our project, and there are some MSG
files in the newly added folder, the make dependency will NOT build
correctly. That means, if we include _m.h in other folders, the opp_msgc
will NOT be called before the compiling of the source file(which has
included the _m.h). But, if the excute "opp_makemake -f --nmake --deep -O
Bin" in the command line, the make dependency works well.
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2009-06-10 15:38rhornigNew Issue
2011-05-24 12:47andrasStatusnew => resolved
2011-05-24 12:47andrasFixed in Version => 4.2b3
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