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0000768OMNeT++Installer / Productizingpublic2014-07-24 13:432015-03-04 09:54
0000768: Installation of INET stuck at 91% on OMNeT++ 4.5
I'm using OMNeT++ 4.5 on Windows 7.

Just after I install OMNeT++, when I open the program, it asks if I want to install INET and project samples.
I click yes, it start installing, but it hangs at 91% "Invoking Command: make MODE=debug CONFIGNAME=gcc debug -j4 all".

I've tried to install many times, in different machines (Win 7 and Win 8) but the problem persists. It stuck always in the same step.
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2014-09-08 09:42   
This is an issue in the supplied MinGW toolchain (does not support prallel build). You have to disable parallel build in INET's project properties.

The new toolchain (MSYS2/MINGW64) in omnetpp 4.6b1 does not exhibit this problem.