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0000769: cVarHistogram produces wrong results with custom (ie manually specified) cells
Hi there,

I've tried to use cVarHistogram with custom cells as described in Section 7.8.2 "Histogram with Custom Cells" of the manual( [^]). However, when I look at the scalar file, all samples are binned in the same cell, regardless of their value.

I've attached the .cc file to reproduce this behaviour.

Looking at the code of, it seems that the problem is that the variable rangemax does not get updated when using custom cells and it has always set to zero. Therefore, when the collectTransformed() method is called, all values ended up being counted as cell_over.

oid cVarHistogram::collectTransformed(double val)
    if (val < rangemin) // rangemin == bin_bounds[0]
    else if (val >= rangemax) // rangemax == bin_bounds[num_cells]
    else // sample falls in the range of ordinary cells/bins
            // ....

I believe the solution is to update rangemax in the addBinBound method.

Let me know if you need any more information,


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2014-11-28 14:50   
The problem is that rangemin/rangemax is not up to date at the time of collect().

> I believe the solution is to update rangemax in the addBinBound method.

The problem with this is that in auto-bins mode, cVarHistogram::transform() uses previously computed rangemin/rangemax variables while creating cells via addBinBound() -- so addBinBound() automatically updating rangemin/rangemax would cause problem/confusion here.

2 better solutions:
  a) let transform() do setting up rangemin/rangemax, and transform() should automatically be invoked on the first collect() call when in manual bins mode. (and further addBinBound() calls after transform() should be prohibited.)

  b) rename existing addBinBound() to doAddBinBound(), and add a new public addBinBound() that calls doAddBinBound() and additionally adjusts rangemin/max too.

Probably (a) is better.
2014-11-30 09:37   
To complicate matters, the user may also manually specify rangemin, rangemax, or both (see range_mode and RANGE_AUTOUPPER,RANGE_AUTOLOWER,RANGE_FIXED constants), and they may conflict with manually added bin bounds. These cases should be reported as errors.