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0000784: Analysis Tool: scalar sum() operation broken
From Michael Kirsche (personal email on Nov 7, 2014):

In the Analysis Editor tool in the IDE, while computing scalar values, the "sum()" operation seems to be broken, while count(), mean(), max/min/etc are all working correctly.

Is the documentation just incorrect here (IDE userguide ch09s03.html) or is the function broken in the code?
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Additional information on this issue...

Chapter 9 in the IDE manual, using the analysis editor states (for example):

f you are interested in the total number of bytes received in the network, you can use the sum() function. In this example we store the result as a new scalar of the toplevel module, Network.

    Value: sum(rcvdByteCount)

    Name: totalRcvdBytes

    Module: Network

If you try this, you get an error message in the Edite "Compute Scalar" dialog: "Value: wrong number of arguments in call of sum".

Other example functions like min or max work without problems.
2014-11-26 11:28   
Indeed. This was a copy-pate error. Fixed now.