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0000799OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2014-12-12 16:102015-03-04 09:52
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0000799: @statistic: scalars computed from several signals are recorded in as many copies in the scalar file
Scalar recording via @statistic: when the expression uses multiple signals, there will be multiple copies in the scalar file.

An example NED file:

simple Sink
        @statistic[aplusb](source=a+b; record=last);

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patch omnetpp-46-fix799.patch (6,203) 2014-12-12 17:10
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2014-12-12 16:13   
Cause: results are recorded by going through the signal list of each module, and invoking finish() for the result listeners attached to them. Thus, result recorders will output an entry into the .sca file for each signal that occurs in the expression.
2014-12-12 16:19   
Fixed by adding a finishCalled flag to cResultRecorder. finish() needed to be wrapped into a callFinish() so we do the flag handling in cResultRecorder (and not in each concrete result recorder class).