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0000812OMNeT++IDE / otherpublic2015-02-23 10:252017-02-06 10:18
0000812: Make oppfeature dependencies project independent
It would be really nice for the user when the developers could specify feature dependencies for features in other projects.

For example: we require certain modules of INET to make our features work.

We even have project dependencies like that:
Our Simulation -> Some complex Gateway Model -> A Basic Real-Time Ethernet Model -> INET Framework
This would probably require some sort of namespace for the features: e.g. inet.Ethernet and the ability to find features in referenced projects.

Perhaps something like:
<ext-feature ns="inet.*" name="INET Framework" description = "Download at"/> [^]
Would also help. The IDE could then display a nice message: "This feature requires features from INET Framework - Download at" [^]
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2015-02-23 15:09   
Makes sense, thank you for the suggestion!
2016-03-04 10:25   
Cross project dependency checking is now possible with the new opp_featuretool's 'isenabled' command. The tool can generate an include file which contains all the defined macros for the enabled features. You still have to watch for feature name clashes + not all features define a macro, but it's possible to check for the features on command line (and in the makefile of course).
2017-01-12 17:05   
This can be implemented by the model using the opp_featuretool by checking if required features are enabled in an other project. This should be implemented in a makefrag file or in a separate top level makefile.