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0000830OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2015-06-18 14:202015-06-19 09:43
0000830: kernel crashes when adding // to parameter in ini-file
When accidentally using // instead of # to make comments in the ini file the simulation crashes when parsing the parameter. Also the editor in the IDE does not detect the error.

// in parameter should trigger an error-messages both in the IDE as well as the simulation.
simply add "//Test" in the .ini file after a parameter.
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2015-06-19 09:37   
Good catch, thanks! The problem is in the expression parser, '//' handling was accidentally left in there while the code was derived from the NED parser long ago.

To fix it, edit src/sim/expr.lex, and remove the line

"//" { comment(); }

as well as the definition of the comment() function.

Same bug in src/common/expression.lex.