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0000836OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2015-10-02 10:432015-10-02 10:43
0000836: File search: clicking on result opens NED files in text editor
When doing a file search, and the search results contain all files that contain the searched text. This view can be expanded to show every single line that was found.

Clicking on a line should open the file in the corresponding editor, but for NED files this does not work. Clicking on lines of NED files opens the default text editor. Clicking on the file itself correctly opens the NED editor.

* Open a file search (from the menu: File->Search)
* Search for some text that is contained in a NED file
* The results will show this file, and you can expand the view to also show the lines that match your search request
* Double click on the file name in the search results --> the NED file opens in the NED editor (expected)
* Double click on a line in the search results --> the NED opens in the default text editor, thus it has no syntax highlighting, etc.
The attached PNG file shows a screenshot with remarks what happens when clicking on different result entries.
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png FileSearchNED.png (43,281) 2015-10-02 10:43
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