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0000088OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2009-07-24 09:072010-01-05 12:50
0000088: on second extend modules loose gates?
I have a module interface defining two gates, e.g.:
moduleinterface InterfaceA {
    inout app[];
    inout net[];

This interface is implemented by a module, defining the two necessary gates (which belongs to an abstract class - so I can extend the class and the module for implementation purposes - but this just for motivation, it doesn't influence the problem):
simple AbstractModuleA like InterfaceA {
    inout app[];
    inout net[];

If I extend from that module:
simple ModuleA extends AbstractModuleA {
I can start a simulation using ModuleA.

However, it I extend from that module again:
simple ModuleAWithASpecialPurpose extends ModuleA {
I get upon simulation start:
<!> Error: module type has no gate `app', required by interface `InterfaceA', at [...]/ModuleAWithASpecialPurpose.ned:21.
workaround is quiet simple by extending only once but this can be quiet a structural loss for the model.
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? NED_inheritance_gates_iface.test (883) 2009-08-21 09:43
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2009-08-21 09:49   
this one is more severe than I thought for me :-(
I added a test case to help find it.

It's interesting, that the gates actually exist if one removes the "like Iface". The bug seems to happen when the interface compliance is checked.