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0000939OMNeT++IDE / otherpublic2015-10-27 10:422017-04-20 15:34
0000939: Message creation wizard does not update when going a step back
The wizard to create message definition files does not update when you go a step back and change the message file name.
1) Right click somewhere in project view -> New -> Message definition
2) Filename: default is "untitled.msg"
3) Click Next
4) Click Back
5) Change name to something else, e.g. "new_name.msg"
6) Click Next
7) Here "New Message File" should already be pre-selected. Don't click any other option to trigger the bug.
8) Click Next
9) Observe that the suggested "Message class name" refers to the old message name.
10) Don't change anything, just click Next
11) Click Finish
12) An error popup comes up: "The wizard does not seem to have created the requested file: path/new_name.msg".
13) Click Finish again
14) Another popup comes up: "File already exists, overwrite? path/untitled.msg". Click Yes.
    The former popup with the "does not seem to have created the requested file" pops up again.
15) Close the popups, and close the message creation dialogue with the Cancel button
16) Observe that the wizard created a file named "untitled.msg"

Alternative steps to avoid the error:

1-7) as above
8a) Select "Empty Message File"
9a) Select "New Message File" again
10a) Click Next
11a) Observe that the suggested message name already refers to the new message name
12a) Click Next
13a) Click Finish
14a) Observe that the wizard created a file with the expected new name: "new_name.msg"
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2017-04-20 15:34   
The same error happens with the "New Simple Module" wizard as well.