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0000940OMNeT++IDE / otherpublic2015-10-28 10:032017-03-02 15:33
0000940: Message compiler adds lots of Exceptions in OMNeT's log file

The website at [1] mentions that there is a log file for the OMNeT IDE in the directory '<workspace>/.medata' with the name '.log'.
I had a look at the file on my system, and saw that it is not usable, as there is a pretty large exception block for every message definition in my workspace.
As my workspace contains the INET project, there are many message files, and thus many exceptions.

Remark: I do not observe any malfunction that would be related to these exceptions in the simulations, everything works as expected. It is just that the log file is flooded with exceptions.

[1] [^]
Build a project that contains a message definition.

To get a simple log file that contains the exceptions I did the following steps:

*) Closed all projects in my workspace
*) Deleted the existing .log file
*) Created a new project (called 'Playground')
*) Created a new message definition (default name: 'untitled.msg')
*) Right click -> Build project
Beginning of the logfile:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.cdt.core 2 0 2015-10-27 23:35:05.920
!MESSAGE Error getting ScannerInfo: Unable to determine language for resource L/Playground/untitled.msg
java.lang.Exception at org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.language.settings.providers.

The complete log file is attached to the bug report.

I can reproduce this behaviour in OMNeT 4.6 and 5.0tp.
I have selected 5.0b1 as the bug tracker entry as there is no 5.0tp option in the bug tracker.
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I can confirm that
2016-01-14 09:19   
Thanks for reporting. As this issue is non-critical, we don't want it to hold up the 5.0 release. We'll look into it after 5.0.
2017-03-02 15:33   
This is no longer happening with CDT 9.2 that is bundled with OMNET 5.1