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0000945OMNeT++IDE / genericpublic2016-02-11 12:492016-05-17 09:59
0000945: NED/INI editor ignores "foreground color" option
I prefer working with programs with a dark color background color as it reduces eye strain.

Therefore I have also selected the dark color theme in the omnet IDE (Window -> Preferences; General -> Appearance)

This sets the default text editor background color to a dark one (General -> Editors -> Text Editors: Background color).

The NED and INI editors correctly inherit this color from this setting. However, they seem to ignore the "Foreground color" setting in this pane.

The result is that I end up with a black font on dark background which is unusable.

Please also inherit the "Foreground color" setting from this pane or just hard code the background color to white.
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2016-05-17 09:59   
I have the same Problem here. Any workarounds so far?