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0000952OMNeT++IDE / animation playerpublic2016-03-07 12:362016-04-07 16:19
Windows 7 x64
0000952: osgEarthNet maps distortion
Simulations using OsgEarth will start and simulate correctly.
The presented maps in the Animation are however mixed/distorted (See attached screenshot).

Tested with the shipped examples osg-earth and osg-satellites. Only with osg-earth the message posted at the bottom indicates a problem. So I'm unsure if the problem is related to that.

Is this problem already known? What can we do about it?
OMNeT++ Discrete Event Simulation (C) 1992-2015 Andras Varga, OpenSim Ltd.
Version: 5.0b3, build: 151209-33316da, edition: Academic Public License -- NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
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Setting up Qtenv...
Loading NED files from .: 6
Subfile "D:/omnetpp-5.0b3/samples/osg-earth/office.osgb" could not be loaded
Subfile "D:/omnetpp-5.0b3/samples/osg-earth/office.osgb.445e-3.scale" could not be loaded
[osgEarth]* FAIL, unable to load ScriptEngine driver for "javascript"
ERROR 6: Unable to load PROJ.4 library (libproj-0.dll), creation of
OGRCoordinateTransformation failed.
[osgEarth]* [SpatialReference] SRS xform not possible
    From => UTM Zone 19, Northern Hemisphere
    To => WGS 84
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png 2016-03-07 11_52_25-OMNeT++_Qtenv - BostonStreets #0 - omnetpp.ini - D__omnetpp-5.0b3_samples_osg-ea.png (232,466) 2016-03-07 12:36
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2016-03-08 11:35   
Discussed over at osgearth [^]
How can i include a newer version (master) into OMNeT 5.0b3?
2016-03-08 12:15   
Hmm, that looks really ugly :( The toolchain in the tools/win32 directory is actually a copy of mingw-64 including the package manager "pacman". As far as I see the latest version of osgEarth in mingw-w64 is 2.7 ( [^]) . So you may be able to update that package to a newer version. Saying that, you won't be able to use that easily (in fact I have experimented with osgEarth 2.7 and then decided to downgrade to 2.5).

The problem is that 2.7 would require you to update to OpenSceneGraph 3.4 which in turn would not work flawlessly with the include Qt4 distribution. :(

Unfortunately neither osgEarth 2.7 nor OpenSceneGraph 3.4 is source compatible with the versions distributed with OMNeT++ (2.5 and 3.2 respectively). This in addition to the fact that even recent Linux distributions come only with osgEarth 2.5 forced us to stick with this version on all platform.

Long story short, you may try to update, but chances are high that OMNeT++ will not build with that version.
2016-03-11 14:15   
Unfortunately, we get similar abstract paintings in our installations, too... Not only with Qtenv, but also with osgearth_viewer.exe in omnetpp-5.0/tools/win32/mingw32/bin/. Currently looking into the issue.
2016-03-11 14:22   
Reproduced on 2 more machines, with Win7 and Win10, both with NVidia cards.

Did you find a computer where it works properly?
2016-03-18 14:31   
@ThomDietrich: do you happen to have any machine where this is not occurring?
2016-03-21 17:53   
(edited on: 2016-03-21 17:55)
Just tested with another PC. Same problem.
First was Windows 7 x64 with AMD Radeon R7 200
Second one is running under Windows 8 x64 with an Intel GPU. This time tested with version 5.0rc.
Any further suggestions?

An update of the issue details is needed

2016-04-07 16:19   
Resolved. Apparently osgEarth was incompatible with that particular version of OSG. It was resolved by recompiling osgEarth.