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0000953OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2016-03-14 14:182017-02-13 12:28
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x86_64Debian Linux8
0000953: QTenv: Windows opened in QT environment are missing controls under Debian Linux
We need a new category: runtime / QTenv
Would be great if you could add that and move this bug

There are no controls to close windows (e.g. for details) under Debian Linux. The main window offers the close button in the title bar, the new windows miss the button.
Under OS X everything is ok.
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2016-04-07 16:21   
Which DE? It's fine on Ubuntu (which is Debian-based), both with its default Unity and KDE.
2016-04-07 20:55   
I'm currently not in my office, but I think it is GNOME version 3.14

If it helps I can make a screenshot on Monday.
2016-04-15 11:38   
Just tried Qtenv from OMNeT++ 5.0 final under Gnome Shell, on Ubuntu (which is Debian-based). It worked, no window controls were missing.

Ubuntu 14.04, gnome-shell 3.10.4-ubuntu5.2

Perhaps I'll test again when 16.04 comes out.