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0000956OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2016-04-15 08:502017-03-02 15:26
0000956: Breakpoints inserted during a debugging session do no take effect
Breakpoints inserted during a debugging session do no take effect. The IDE displays the breakpoint normally, however, the program does not stop there. This is a CDT issue which affects all C/C++ programs, not only OMNeT++ simulations. Breakpoints added *before* starting the debugging session work correctly. The workaround is based on this observation: after inserting the breakpoint, simply restart the program.

When setting the breakpoint is unsuccessful, what actually happens is that CDT inserts, then immediately removes the breakpoint. This can be seen in the log of the communication between CDT and the gdb debugger. Just switch to the "gdb traces" console in the Console View using its local toolbar, then check whether the "break-insert" command is followed by a "break-delete" command. If so -- that's the bug.

The related Eclipse bug: [^]

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2016-04-15 09:06   
In response to the issue we have updated the Eclipse framework to 4.4.2 and CDT to 8.6. While the issue seems less common with this version, it is sadly still reproducible at least on Windows.

Further testing is needed whether we should upgrade to CDT 8.8 or try to implement a local patch for CDT.
2017-03-02 15:25   
We have upgraded to CDT 9.2 and the issue seems to be gone. Please reopen if you experience it with the latest version.