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0000097OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2009-08-26 22:452010-12-10 16:14
0000097: gcc toolchain should #define _WIN32 when on Windows, like mingw-gcc does
Currently the gcc toolchain does not define _WIN32 like mingw-gcc does, so parsing goes on the wrong #ifdef branches.

On windows, the gcc toolchain should define all these symbols:
_WIN32, WIN32, and __WIN32__

This only affects C++ editing features: Syntax Highlighting, Content Assist, etc, and may cause false "cannot find include file" warnings to be displayed in the editor. It does NOT affect the build process.
1. create a new OMNeT++ C++ project on Windows, using the gcc toolchain (MinGW)
2. in any .cc or .h file, enter the following:
    #ifdef _WIN32
3. the line "some-win32-stuff" will appear as grayed out (inactive)
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2010-05-10 10:45   
Cannot reproduce. Probably fixed in CDT.
2010-12-10 16:14   
This issue affects only the files that are not in a C++ project. I.e. header files from omnetpp do not see the defines correctly as the presence of macros depend on where these files are included from.