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0000976OMNeT++Installer / Productizingpublic2016-11-27 13:562017-02-06 10:15
0000976: Omnetpp does not start on macOS Sierra
After configure and make, omnetpp does not start. With terminal, if I try to execute ./omnetpp (in /bin directory) the output is:
Starting the OMNeT++ IDE...

If I try with double click on the bin the terminal's output is:
Starting the OMNeT++ IDE...
Saving sessione...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files..
Deleting expired sessione... 52 completed.

[Process completed]

a pop-up of Sierra report an error:
omnetpp quit unexpectedly

I have allow the program in Gatekeep.
bug, MacOS, Sierra, solution
duplicate of 0000973resolved rhornig Omnetpp does not start on macOS Sierra 
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2016-12-11 09:59   
You must execute this file bin:
from terminal or double click.
2016-12-12 11:51   
Yes, siearra added several security features that effectively blocks the omnet IDE:

- Unsigned apps are no longer allowed to run by default
- App translocation runs the IDE from a randomized filesystem location preventing the IDE to work correctly.

OMNeT++ 5.1 will fix this, thanks for reporting