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0000983: Metamakemake how to add meta:export-include-path and meta:use-exported-include-paths to oppbuildspec staying compatible
I just saw that I have to add --meta:export-include-path --meta:use-exported-include-paths to .oppbuildspec now to get the includes from e.g. inet in my library and to provide my includes for depending libraries.

How can I do that without breaking compatibility to omnetpp 5.0?

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Sadly, you can't do that. There are several breaking changes between 5.0 and 5.1 so keeping the project to build with both is not feasible.

OMNET 5.1 will require a new version of INET (3.5) anyway. Until then you should manually add the include folder of the base projects in makefrag. Once we release omnet 5.1 and and INET 3.5 you can replace that with the above meta options. (i.e. INET 3.5 will come with --meta:export-include-path)