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0000999OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2017-02-24 08:582018-06-20 12:44
0000999: Missing "No more events --- simulation ended" message in Run mode
When I have a simulation with (e.g.) 20 events to simulate, OMNeT++ 5.0 would display a dialog "No more events --- simulation ended at event xy..." and instantly call the finish() method(s).

OMNeT++ 5.1pre3 just stops the simulation. There is no dialog or notification until you start the simulation once again, when the "No more events --- simulation ended ..." dialog pops up and finish() is executed.

This applies to Run mode (not Fast or Express) in Qtenv only (Tkenv is OK), when no simtime limit is set.

Reported by Michael Kirsche.
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2017-02-24 09:02   
Also: when the simulation runs out of events but there's also a (large) simtime limit set, the messages is "Simulation time limit reached" and not "No more events". Perhaps cEndSimulationEvent should check whether there're any more events are left in the FES, and issue the error message accordingly.
2018-06-20 12:44   
The original issue is no longer reproducible with OMNeT++ 5.4, so I would close the bug report.

However, the change in AndrĂ¡s's note is not included yet. So should we keep it open after all?