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0000037OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2008-12-15 22:432010-04-26 14:35
Assigned Toandras 
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.0rc1 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.1b4 
Summary0000037: Inspect module output shows unrelated "Initializing channel" messages
DescriptionThe "Inspect module output" window shows several unrelated "Initializing channel" messages (probably some problem with the filter expression).
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baumgart (reporter)
2009-04-03 14:51

The problem is not only limited to "Initializing channel" messages, but also occurs with unrelated EV output from other modules. The interesting thing is that all unrelated output looks quite similar.

Example when running OverSim an watching the output of SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[719].tier1.kbrTestApp:

Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[103].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[797].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[175].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[175].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
[Chord::handleRpcResponse() @ (1cc7a0b5a341f11493665f0babc712e9fbbefc2e)]
    Received a Notify RPC Response: id=-1
    msg=(NotifyResponse)NotifyResponse rtt=0.122780858
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[98].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[768].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[768].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
[Chord::handleRpcResponse() @ (4ae0ff58b6156b1f27dd88f9059ed5f0993652e1)]
    Received a Notify RPC Response: id=-1
    msg=(NotifyResponse)NotifyResponse rtt=0.193226667
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[751].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[855].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[769].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[769].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
[Chord::handleRpcResponse() @ (b6977dc58ec47bb3af5954dabb7a629dbf9729c6)]
    Received a Notify RPC Response: id=-1
    msg=(NotifyResponse)NotifyResponse rtt=0.158913817
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[540].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[287].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[573].overlayNeighborArrowOut[0].channel, stage 0
Initializing channel SimpleUnderlayNetwork.overlayTerminal[573].overlayNeighborArrowOut[1].channel, stage 0

The EV output and initialize channel messages come from various different modules. This problem does not occur for "** Event #xy" messages.
rhornig (administrator)
2010-04-26 14:09

I'm unable to reproduce with this issue when using the latest OverSim and omnet 4.1b4.

Could you please provide a step by step instruction how to reproduce it with the latest downloadable OverSim distro.
rhornig (administrator)
2010-04-26 14:35

I'm unable to reproduce the problem with 4.1b4. All channel init messages are displayed only in their source module's output window.

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