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0000063OMNeT++IDE / simulation launcherpublic2009-04-07 22:152009-04-10 20:03
Assigned Torhornig 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000063: Simulation in command batch mode craches
DescriptionThe simulation can run in tkenv mode, but when it swithes to command mode, the simulation crashes after the first event.

Here is the console output:

Preparing for running configuration AVB100, run 0000002...
Scenario: $portType="PrioQueuePortServer", $netLoadMbps=20, $EndnodeNums=50, $repetition=0
Assigned runID=AVB100-2-20090407-23:08:59-3732
Setting up network `AvbLinedEndnodes'...
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode.avbController, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode.sinkForController, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode.him, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode.sinkForHIM, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.controlNode.iOutport, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.avbEndNode[49].ioNode.joiner, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.avbEndNode[49].ioNode.classifier, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.avbEndNode[49].ioNode.sinkForNRTGen, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.dummyNode, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.systemPanel, stage 0
Initializing module AvbLinedEndnodes.queuePanel, stage 0

Running simulation...
** Event 0000001 T=0 Elapsed: 0.000s (0m 00s) 0% completed
     Speed: ev/sec=0 simsec/sec=0 ev/simsec=0
     Messages: created: 511 present: 511 in FES: 153

Simulation terminated with exit code: -1073741819
Command line: D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/src/AVB03.exe -r 2 -u Cmdenv -c AVB100 -n D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/SimpleNED;D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/compoundNED;D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/simulations;D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/src D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/simulations/AvbLinedEndnodes.ini

Working directory: D:/myProj/omnetWsp/AVB03/simulations
Additional InformationI use omnet++4.0.

Even in tkenv mode, the simulation also crashes after the simulation called finish() methods.
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andras (administrator)
2009-04-10 20:03

There's no information to reproduce the crash, and no evidence that the problem is in OMNeT++. Closing due to insufficient information. Please read [^] on how to submit good bug reports.

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2009-04-07 22:15 summersand New Issue
2009-04-07 22:15 summersand Assigned To => rhornig
2009-04-10 20:03 andras Note Added: 0000144
2009-04-10 20:03 andras Status new => closed
2009-04-10 20:03 andras Resolution open => unable to reproduce

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