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0000736OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2014-02-24 14:252016-04-12 16:02
Assigned Toandras 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.0 
Summary0000736: Wildcards in NED-import can leave out module interfaces
When constructing compound modules in the NED editor, sometimes an import like "import*" will not import a module interface defnition even if the module interface is defined in a file like "some/path/in/my/project/Interface.ned".

To reproduce the error, I have constructed a small example project called "Playground", that looks like the following:

Module hierarchy:

Module description:

IPart.ned contains only a single moduleinterface definition
MyPart.ned is a dummy module that implements that interface ( and MyPart.h are the default files for simple modules)
BasicNode is a compound module that has a submodule with interface type IPart
ExtendedNode is a compound module that extends BasicNode, without adding anything to it.

MySimulation contains exactly a single module "Foo" of type "BasicNode".
Notice that there is not a single instance of "ExtendedNode" referenced in the simulation!

BasicNode contains the line "import playground.Part.*;"

Simulation behaviour:

In the NED editor, everything looks fine, the IDE knows which interace I use as I can double click the icon and I get directly to IPard.ned.

But when I start the simulation, i get the following error:

<!> Error in module (cCompoundModule) MySimulation.Foo (id=2) during network setup: Submodule Part: cannot resolve module interface `IPart', at /main/Software/OMNeT++/omnetpp-4.4/samples/Playground/src/BasicNode/BasicNode.ned:14."

If I carry out on of the following two steps, the problem disappears:

1) Explicitly import the interface:

If I write
    import playground.Part.IPart;
    import playground.Part.*;
instead of just

    import playground.Part.*;
in the BasicNode.ned file, then the simulation can start correctly.

2) Don't extend BasicNode:

If I remove the "extends BasicNode" from the ExtendedNode definition, the simulation also works. As already mentioned, ExtendedNode.ned just exists, but it is not referenced anywhere.
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woife (reporter)
2014-02-24 14:28

The attached file "" contains the example as described in the bug description.
sdominiak (reporter)
2015-09-11 15:58

I can report the same behavior happened to me with OMNeT++ v4.6. Workaround 0000001 described in the description fixed the problem.
anwei (reporter)
2016-04-04 11:09

I can confirm this issue for OMNeT++ v5.0RC build 160310-9ee11db.
andras (administrator)
2016-04-12 16:02

Fixed. cNEDLoader::registerNedType() didn't invalidate the nedTypeNames[] cache.

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