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0000756OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2014-05-07 06:482014-05-07 06:48
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Summary0000756: Missing feature in NED inheritance (submodule overwriting)
DescriptionI'm missing a feature in the NED inheritance functionality. I need to extend a module and overwrite a submodule with an extended submodule. Please see this example:

module Foo {
        input in;
        sub: Submodule;
        in <-->;

module Bar extends Foo {
        output out;
        sub: ExtendedSubmodule; // syntax could also be something like "sub: ExtendedSubmodule @override;"
        out <--> sub.out;

simplemodule Submodule{
        input in;

simplemodule ExtendedSubmodule extends Submodule{
        input out;

In this example I have a compound module Foo that has a submodule Submodule with a gate in connected to the submodules in. Now I want an extended version of Foo, called Bar that has another gate out. Bar should use an extended version of Submodule called ExtendedSubmodule with a connection from gate out to the submodules gate out. The connection from in to should be kept.

This situation would be totally legal but I think I currently cannot describe it with NED. The nededitor would have to check that ExtendedSubmodule is a subclass of Submodule to ensure that the redefinition of sub in Bar would not break Foo.

Perhaps something like: "sub: <default("Submodule")> extends Submodule;" would be a possible way as well, but why not allow the definition of a module with the same name when it extends the overwritten module? Of cause it would require to collect the gate, connection and parameter definitions of the overwritten module as well.

I think such a possibility has the potential to save a lot of (ned)code that would be otherwise defined in several modules, and thus reduce the maintenance effort significantly.
I hope I'm not the only one who would require that feature :)

The good part: that would not require changes in the NED syntax. Would love to see that feature in 5.0
Additional InformationThere is a discussion related to this feature request on the omnet list: [^]
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