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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00010514   simulation kernelminornew (andras)2018-09-19Module class not found due to soft links in the NED folder's path
  000105031 runtime / Qtenvminornew2018-09-19Qtenv does not show all the links
  00010522   simulation kernelminornew2018-09-18Module class or signal data class not found when using a module from a package with a different namespace default
  0001049 1 runtime / Qtenvminorassigned (attila)2018-08-30[Feature request] Save Qtenv filter
  0001048    IDE / NED editorminornew2018-08-21Source code folding problems
  00010471   IDE / NED editorminorin work (andras)2018-08-21[feature request] Code folding in NED editor
  000104621 runtime / Qtenvminornew2018-08-01sort event pane by columns
  00009992   runtime / Qtenvminornew2018-06-20Missing "No more events --- simulation ended" message in Run mode
  00010351   command line toolsminorfeedback (andras)2018-06-20scavetool rounds numbers in scalar outputs
  0001045    command line toolsminornew2018-06-19opp_runall dumps Python stack trace instead of proper, human-readable error reporting
  00010171   runtime / Qtenvfeaturenew (andras)2018-06-19The GUI should be able to display network nodes, packet data and other domain specific data in a more accessible way.
  000104321 runtime / Qtenvcrashresolved (attila)2018-06-19Qtenv crash with tictoc example
  00010341   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (attila)2018-06-18IDE performs C++ build in UI thread, UI appears to hang
  00010242   runtime / Qtenvminorin work (attila)2018-06-18Add a new inspector (specifically to the properties view) that shows the packet data if a packet is selected
  0001042 1 IDE / sequence chartminorassigned2018-06-18ANSI text styling
  0001044    simulation kernelminorconfirmed (andras)2018-06-15The image-path config cannot be merged with --image-path command line argument
  0001041    IDE / genericfeaturenew2018-05-31Improve OMNET++ IDE launcher to import environment variables
  0001040    examplesminornew2018-05-30Queue and PassiveQueue modules of "queueinglib" wrong statistics collection
  0001039    runtime / Qtenvminorassigned (attila)2018-05-16Log output filtering based on module is confusing
  0001037    simulation kernelminornew2018-05-14The message compiler should allow overriding properties of inherited fields
  0001036    runtime / Qtenvminorassigned (attila)2018-05-14Checkbox state in log output filter dialog
  000103211 runtime / Cmdenvminorresolved (rhornig)2018-04-18omnetpp-5.3p3 does not build on debian Jessie
  00010331   command line toolsminornew2018-04-12nedtool can't locate shared libraries.
  0001031    simulation kernelminornew2018-02-12Opening cWatchBase that wraps a composite object in the object inspector gives garbage results
  0001030    runtime / Qtenvminornew2018-01-312D and 3D coordinate systems are of different handedness (Y up or down & positive angles right or left)
  0001029    simulation kernelminornew2018-01-31cArcFigure angle arguments are inconsistent with the rotation transformation in the Canvas API.
  0001028    Installer / Productizingmajornew2017-12-280000969: CXX environment variable being ignored with configure
  000101011 command line toolsminornew2017-12-22nedtool: the getDisplayString() method in auto-generated messages is not marked as override
  0001027    simulation kernelminornew2017-12-15String literal parsing in NED @properties
  0001026    IDE / result analysisminornew2017-11-29The histogram chart in the IDE result analysis doesn't draw bins with infinite bounds.
  0001023    simulation kernelminornew2017-10-09Cannot completely disable output scalar recording.
   0001021    documentationtextresolved (rhornig)2017-10-05Typo on section 5.3 of Tic-Toc tutorial
   0001022    examplestextresolved (rhornig)2017-10-05Comment on files tictoc[17,18].msg refers to a wrong file
  0001020    examplestextresolved (rhornig)2017-10-05Comment on TicToc tutorial does not match source code
  00010091   runtime / Qtenvminorresolved (attila)2017-10-04Fail to parse message display string in Qtenv
  0001019    documentationminornew2017-09-21Bibliography is missing from HTML version of the manual
  0001016    simulation kernelfeaturenew2017-08-30The macros defined in src/common/ver.h should be available in the OMNeT++ API
  0001015    simulation kernelminornew2017-07-12dropAndDelete of cTopology object leads to segmentation fault
   0001014    examplesfeaturenew2017-06-08Making parallel build the standard option for all examples
  0001013    simulation kernelminornew2017-05-24The "controlInfo" field is not copied by the message copy constructor
  00010071   documentationmajorconfirmed (rhornig)2017-05-05Signing up for Bug Tracker accounts currently broken
  0001012    command line toolsminornew2017-05-04nedtool produces the wrong code for auto-generated classes
  0001011    simulation kernelminornew2017-05-04Name is not unique within its component,
  0001008    runtime / Cmdenvminornew2017-05-04Configuration option "cmdenv-config-name" is ignored
  0001006    simulation kernelfeaturenew2017-05-04CFLAGS='-DXXX -DYYY' ./configure fails
  0001005    simulation kernelminornew2017-04-27Can't have a semicolon at the end of @figure properties
  00009391   IDE / otherminornew2017-04-20Message creation wizard does not update when going a step back
  0001003    runtime / Qtenvminornew2017-03-17SystemC, Parsim and the sockets example is not working with Qtenv
  0001002    IDE / C++ developmentmajornew2017-03-11Include directories are not taken from referenced project
  00004441   documentationtrivialresolved (rhornig)2017-03-02Multiple r dispay string tags undocumented
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