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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003001   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-05-17Bad printf format in SAXParser::parse
  0000305    IDE / genericminorresolved (andras)2011-05-17F2 does not work for making informational tooltips (hover controls) persistent
  0000309    simulation kernelfeaturenew2011-05-17Make an XML parser directly available to model code
  00002995   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-05-15CDT tends to lose Source Folder configuration
  00003021   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-05-15New build configurations are created unconfigured
  00002972   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-05-11Build: inclusion of _m.h files may fail due to .msg file not translated to C++ in time
  0000291    simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2011-05-06SectionBasedConfiguration::getNumRunsInConfig silently ignores errors
  000028411 simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2011-05-06isDirectory throws too much
  00002671   IDE / C++ developmenttrivialresolved (andras)2011-05-05Column position in IDE and column position reported by compiler are sometimes inconsistent
  00002061   simulation kernelfeatureresolved (andras)2011-05-05Implement emptyxmldoc()
  00002901   simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2011-05-05InifileReader::readLineInto fails for long lines
  0000293    simulation kernelminornew2011-05-05cGate::getDisplayString() wrong behavior when gate is unconnected
  0000283    IDE / otherminorresolved (andras)2011-05-03New project wizard generates incorrectly set up single-folder "Source-Sink example" project
  00002892   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (andras)2011-05-03Bogus syntax highlight of XML tags in NED comments
  00002861   IDE / animation playerminornew2011-04-28SystemC model generated message cannot be shown in the anination on Linux
  0000285 1 simulation kernelminornew2011-04-27cFileOutputScalarManager creates empty files
  00002822   IDE / otherminorresolved (andras)2011-04-27New project wizard generates incorrectly set up "Source-Sink example" project
  00002812   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-04-27"Build Project" function builds base projects as well
  00000711   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-04-14"Cannot save buildspec" after choosing "custom make" for folder
  00001961   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (levy)2011-04-11Sequence chart displays "cCompoundModule" for compound modules instead of NED name e.g. StandardHost
  00001251   IDE / sequence chartfeatureresolved (levy)2011-04-11Error or termination message should be part of the recorded event log file
  000027621 IDE / sequence chartmajorresolved (levy)2011-04-01Sequence Chart "internal error..." when attaching Vector to Axis
  0000266    runtime / Tkenvminornew2011-03-04Unable to override default tooltip
  00001761   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (tomi)2011-03-01Obsolete error markers on ini files
  0000262    IDE / documentation generatorminornew2011-02-28Required '~' in '@see' row
  0000260    IDE / documentation generatorminornew2011-02-28MSG field with enum / @enum
  0000179    IDE / INI editorminorresolved (tomi)2011-02-28Ini editor cannot parse "parallel iteration" syntax
  00002552   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2011-02-25Ugly fonts in Tkenv
  00002561   IDE / documentation generatorminorresolved (zbojthe)2011-02-23Problem publishing link to internal page of generated docu
  00001322   IDE / INI editorfeatureresolved (tomi)2011-02-22Option to disable automatic validation in the ini file editor
  000019211 IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (levy)2011-02-22elog viewer show "Internal error happened..." when sort by minimize crossing
  00002371   simulation kernelminorresolved (tomi)2011-02-22Ini files: poor iparsing for iteration values containing comma
  00002541   IDE / documentation generatorminorresolved (andras)2011-02-22Automatically hyperlinking module names in comment texts is sometimes inconvenient
  0000252    documentationminornew2011-02-17@dynamic is undocumented in the manual
  00002171   simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2011-02-17NED: wrong evaluetion context when deep parameter assigment used
  00002481   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2011-02-15Parsing of displayString p-Tag should be done as double value instead of long value
  00002461   IDE / NED editorblockresolved (andras)2011-02-02Omnet 4.1 Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.jface"
  00002361   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (rhornig)2011-02-01Occasionally, graphical editor comes up empty on startup
  00002181   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (levy)2011-02-01tkenv: incorrect event log recording
  00002311   IDE / simulation launcherminorresolved (andras)2011-02-01Config enumeration popup in launcher is unusable when the parameter space is too big
  0000197    IDE / sequence chartfeaturenew (levy)2011-02-01SeqChart: "Filter by NED type" usability
  00002232   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2011-02-01Bogus error: "Makefile seems to be a hand-written makefile, refusing to overwrite it."
  00002402   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (levy)2011-01-31Go To simulation time feature only allow absolute time values
  00002391   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (levy)2011-01-31No "Go To" submenu in sequence chart mode
  00002451   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (rhornig)2011-01-27Tkenv fails to display the graphical inspector if a syntax error is found in ini file
  0000244    IDE / INI editorminorresolved (tomi)2011-01-27Included header-less inifiles are counted as part of [General]
  0000214    simulation kernelmajorresolved (tomi)2011-01-26Bogus recursion test for ini file inclusion
  0000234    IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2011-01-03Missing content proposal for module interface
  00002331   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2011-01-03Module interface inheritance cycle causes stack overflow
  000023221 simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2010-12-23Configuration: runnumber-width option causes seed-set to be interpreted as an octal number
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