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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001861   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2010-07-13Empty chart if refreshing a temp chart after re-running simulation
  00001821   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2010-07-13Line type on vector chart does get reflected in the Chart Properties dialog
  00001881   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (andras)2010-07-08Analysis editor: Focus problems when switching pages
  00001811   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (andras)2010-07-06Blank line chart when line type="dots" is chosen
  00001831   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (andras)2010-07-04SeqChart: "Show self-messages" button affects reuse arrows as well.
  00001701   IDE / genericblockresolved (rhornig)2010-06-15Build with "Use optimal job number"/"make -j" (without number) blocks whole system
  00001674   runtime / Cmdenvminorresolved (andras)2010-06-11simulation stop after executing 100 runs with "Cannot open scalar file" error
  00000611   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2010-05-26"Re-layout" sometimes doesn't show an effect in Fast mode
  00000981   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2010-05-26Assignment of a compound module parameter in a submodule does not assign the unit
  00001315   IDE / genericminorconfirmed2010-05-22memory leak by using libxml on large xml files
  000003862 runtime / Tkenvtweakresolved (andras)2010-05-18Layouter produces strange results, if some nodes are fixed
  000016541 runtime / Tkenvfeatureresolved (rhornig)2010-05-18Fit network size to window size
  00001502   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2010-05-18C/C++ nature missing when opening sample projects for the first time
  00000692   command line toolstweakresolved (rhornig)2010-05-18Command line compilation is not working on Windows64 bit systems
  000016181 IDE / C++ developmentmajorresolved (rhornig)2010-05-18gdb fails when started from the IDE with "unknown target exception 0xc0000135 at 0x7c9766c6"
  000013021 simulation kernelfeaturefeedback2010-05-14Request for the addition of new probability distributions in the next version of OMNeT++ release
  00000651   simulation kernelcrashresolved (andras)2010-05-10Nested [config section] in ini file causes crash
  0000141    IDE / result analysisminorconfirmed2010-05-10SVG Export issues
  000013632 IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2010-05-09automatic message/object generation fails on "using" in cpluplus section
  000010131 command line toolsfeatureresolved (andras)2010-05-09Add a message property @sizetype() to msgc to specify to specify the type of the array size variable
  00001661   IDE / result analysismajorresolved (rhornig)2010-05-07SVG export fails because of "Graphic is disposed"
  00001192   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (andras)2010-05-06Sequence Chart displays internal error when opened on log from SystemC examples
  00000011   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (andras)2010-05-06Content assist is not working in a NED source editor inside an inner type
  00000591   runtime / Cmdenvminorresolved (andras)2010-05-06initialization statements
  00000481   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2010-05-06Using EV is not possible during init phase
  00000671   simulation kerneltweakresolved (andras)2010-05-06turn of "initialization of module/channel" print out
  00000567   runtime / Tkenvcrashresolved (andras)2010-05-06Tkenv segmentation fault in getObjectShortTypeName
  00001471   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2010-05-06Bubbles drawing position wrong/not updated after zooming in/out in inspector
  00001522   IDE / result analysismajorresolved (andras)2010-05-06Chart zooming broken: coordinate overflows reported too soon
  000000911   IDE / INI editorfeatureresolved (andras)2010-05-05The IDE ini editor doesn't know about parameters of dynamically created modules
  000014951 IDE / documentation generatormajorresolved (andras)2010-05-05neddoc error: Process exec error for /usr/bin/dot (exit code 139) : dot: width (34661 >= 32768) is too large
  0000162    simulation kernelfeaturenew2010-05-05Refactoring of cSimpleModule activity-mode activation
  00000363   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2010-04-27Dynamic module creation is slow in Tkenv
  00001562   simulation kernelfeaturenew2010-04-26Load NED files from a zip file
  00000373   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2010-04-26Inspect module output shows unrelated "Initializing channel" messages
  0000159    IDE / result analysisminornew2010-04-26Line and legend is wrong when multiple result items are plot with the same names
  00001153   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (andras)2010-04-26when defining many values for an iteration variable, the upper bounds of a range is ignored if the step is fractional
  00000861   documentationminorresolved (andras)2010-04-25experiment/measurement/replication documentation out of date
  00000951   simulation kernelfeaturenew2010-04-25output of opp_test too long in times
  00000662   simulation kerneltweakresolved (andras)2010-04-25precidence of parameters in ini files
  00001073   runtime / Tkenvcrashresolved (andras)2010-04-25Segmentation faults on 64-bit Fedora
  00000433   simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2010-04-23truncnormal() sometimes returns INFINITY
  00001331   IDE / INI editorfeaturenew2010-04-23Custom options support in the ini file editor
  00001181   examplesminorresolved (rhornig)2010-04-01make clean does not clean samples correctly
  00001083   IDE / genericcrashresolved (rhornig)2010-04-01omnetpp64 cannot start on Fedora 11 x86_64
  00000993   simulation kernelmajorresolved (rhornig)2010-04-01OMNet 4.0 does not compile under Fedora 11 (GCC 4.4.1)
  00000391   command line toolsmajorpostponed (rhornig)2010-03-31rpath is handled differently on supported platforms
  00001442   Installer / Productizingfeaturepostponed2010-03-31Feature request: provide omnet package updates in eclipse
  00000872   documentationminorresolved (rhornig)2010-03-31getBaseId must be gateBaseId in section 4.5.1
  00001281   command line toolsmajorresolved (rhornig)2010-03-31The git instance bundled with OMNeT++ does not work properly
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