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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001092   simulation kernelmajorresolved (rhornig)2010-03-31Cached parameter values are not set correctly in datarate and delay channel
  00001481   IDE / otherminornew2010-03-26Editor crashes when using "Replace all" in ftl files
  0000142 1 simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2010-03-04changing a parameter from Tkenv does not invoke the handleParameterChange method
  00001402   IDE / result analysisfeaturenew2010-03-03Analysis Tool glitches and enhancement requests
  0000135    IDE / NED editorminornew2010-02-01NED editor does not parse display strings correctly
  000008811 simulation kernelmajorresolved (levy)2010-01-05on second extend modules loose gates?
  00000582   IDE / sequence chartminorresolved (levy)2010-01-05not enough feedback on failure to attach vector to a module line
  0000124    IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2010-01-04Content assist broken within connection parameters
  0000127    IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2010-01-04Textual NED editor: F3 key only working if Ctrl+click paved the way
  00001261   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2010-01-04"Edit parameters" dialog does not save values when opening it for a connection
  00000931   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (levy)2010-01-04No tooltip for some form items
  00000831   IDE / INI editorminorresolved (andras)2009-12-20Incorrect inifile syntax causes AssertFailed in the editor
  00001161   simulation kernelcrashresolved (andras)2009-12-17Seg Fault in cPacketQueue::remove
  00001141   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2009-12-11Class cast exception on deleting a module
  00001032   IDE / simulation launchermajorresolved (levy)2009-11-23Launcher tries to start the program even if the build process was unsuccessul
  00001022   IDE / simulation launcherminorresolved (levy)2009-10-26Usability issue when starting a simulation built as a shared library
  00001111   runtime / Tkenvcrashresolved (andras)2009-10-13Crash when clicking on table heading of an inspector window
  00001052   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2009-10-09Upgrade CDT to the latest release (currently 6.0)
  000005321 examplesmajorresolved (andras)2009-09-11Run Time Error : Error in module (L2Queue) Dynamic.rte41.queue[2] (id=258)
  00001061   command line toolsminorresolved (andras)2009-09-10configure script sets HAVE_PCAP even if wpcap.dll is missing
  0000012161 IDE / result analysisfeaturefeedback (andras)2009-09-09Easier generation of scalar plots
  00000961   simulation kernelfeatureresolved (andras)2009-09-03opp_test - diff between expected and actual output
  000009111 simulation kerneltrivialresolved (andras)2009-08-03cArray::clear() does not check for NULL
  00000681   runtime / Cmdenvminorresolved (andras)2009-07-25Execution stalls during module initialization when terminal window is out of focus in Linux
  00000841   IDE / NED editorminorresolved (levy)2009-07-25"Edit Parameters" dialog does not validate input
  00000822   command line toolsminorresolved (andras)2009-07-25Cannot extend a message class from an other rnamespace
  000002221 simulation kerneltweakresolved (andras)2009-07-25Perfomance issue: cMessage::getArrivalTime() returns simtime_t by value
  000009011 simulation kernelmajorresolved (andras)2009-07-25simple module inheritance does not work - parent class is used instead of child
  0000089    IDE / NED editorfeaturenew2009-07-24new icons are not displayed until eclipse is restarted
  0000080    simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2009-07-07incorrect demangling of C++ symbol names
  0000077    simulation kernelminornew2009-06-10Unconnected gate pair not retrurned correctly?
  00000702   IDE / sequence chartmajorresolved (levy)2009-06-09Messages sent/scheduled from method calls are visualized incorrectly
  00000551   IDE / sequence chartminorpostponed (levy)2009-06-08Manual modules ordering not remembered
  00000741   IDE / documentation generatormajorresolved (levy)2009-06-08Cannot produce titlepage
  0000073    IDE / documentation generatorminorresolved (levy)2009-06-08neddoc crash if comment starts with //@titlepage
  00000423   IDE / result analysisfeatureresolved (tomi)2009-05-12Plot time averages in the analysis.
  000006211 IDE / result analysismajorresolved (tomi)2009-05-12Bug in scavetool: aggregates runs with different parameter settings
  0000064    runtime / Tkenvminornew (andras)2009-04-12improper parsing of tkenv-image-path
  000004122 IDE / result analysiscrashresolved (tomi)2009-03-16IDE crashes ocasionally in ResultFileManager
  00000501   documentationtrivialresolved (andras)2009-03-10tictoc tutorial compiling error
  00000522   runtime / Tkenvmajorresolved (andras)2009-03-10Simulation progress stalls in large simulations with Tkenv express mode
  0000051102 IDE / C++ developmentcrashresolved (andras)2009-03-09Error in method cDataRateChannel
  00000491   documentationtrivialresolved (andras)2009-01-26TicToc tutorial is incorrect
  00000472   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2009-01-20Crash in Tkenv when inspecting a module
  00000443   IDE / NED editorcrashresolved (rhornig)2009-01-19IDE Crash
  000000312   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (andras)2009-01-19IDE reports warnings as errors which are not errors
  00000181   runtime / Cmdenvfeatureresolved (andras)2008-12-14Add a comand line option to print all configurations of an ini file
  00000341   runtime / Tkenvminorresolved (andras)2008-12-14bubble() most times does not work in fast-mode on recently created modules.
  00000331   runtime / Tkenvcrashresolved (andras)2008-12-14Tkenv crashes when inspecting "base" of an display string
  00000351   runtime / Tkenvfeaturepostponed (andras)2008-12-10Setting a default icon (@display) doesn't work with moduleinterfaces
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