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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006831   documentationminorresolved (rhornig)2013-12-06Mac OS 10.9 installation procedure changed.
  00006881   IDE / C++ developmentblockresolved (rhornig)2013-12-06The CDT indexer (eclipse 3.8.2) is basically freezing on OS X 10.9
  000060621 IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2013-11-18Line numbers not scrolling in C++ editor on Mac OS X 10.8.2
  00006682   simulation kernelminorresolved (rhornig)2013-11-18Clang support for OMNET++
  00006761   IDE / C++ developmentfeatureresolved (rhornig)2013-11-18can not add -std=gnu++11 flag to the compiler
  000067911 Installer / Productizingmajorresolved (rhornig)2013-10-17Build broken on Linux
  0000677    simulation kernelfeaturenew2013-09-27Support expressions in simulation options
  0000672    IDE / documentation generatormajorresolved (levy)2013-08-26generating neddoc from INET fails
  0000671    simulation kernelfeaturenew2013-08-16Inifile: iteration variables not recognized in module name patterns
  00006691   IDE / C++ developmentmajorresolved (rhornig)2013-08-09Gdb cannot step on Ubuntu 13.04 after inspecting a class variable
  00003882   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2013-08-09"any index" variants missing from Module Filter combo
  00003892   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2013-08-09Useless items in the Statistic Name filter
  00006701   command line toolsminorresolved (rhornig)2013-08-09Confliting -vmargs in the omnetpp launcher script and in omnetpp.ini
  000054621 IDE / result analysismajorresolved2013-08-07Result Analysis tool does not understand infinity
  00001712   IDE / result analysisminorresolved2013-08-06Changing display name of chart lines in scatter chart does not work
  00006671   simulation kernelminorresolved (rhornig)2013-07-29The number of NED function parameters is limited to 4
  0000666    simulation kernelminornew2013-07-25Accessing volatile parameters in two-way connections causing runtime error
  000066011 IDE / C++ developmentminornew2013-06-17project not re-linked when new module is added to referenced project project
  0000659    IDE / result analysisminornew2013-06-16sample-hold mode should draw line till right edge of the graph
  0000657    IDE / result analysisminornew2013-06-10Not possible to sort the rows of the BrowseData page according to two columns (by lexicographic ordering)
  0000652    simulation kernelminornew2013-05-06cGate::isPathOK() does not work with parsim
  0000649    Installer / Productizingminorresolved (rhornig)2013-04-22The JCE provider is missing in the windows private JRE
  00005863   command line toolsmajornew (tomi)2013-04-05scavetool Error Message: 'Bad file number' when converting more than 314 files to CSV
  0000644    simulation kernelcrashnew2013-04-04Error in Ideal Simulation Protocol, choosing next Event (assertion)
  00006341   IDE / result analysisfeatureresolved (tomi)2013-03-26Add 'Copy to Clipboard' command to the context menu of the Dataset View
  0000641    IDE / result analysismajorresolved (tomi)2013-03-25NullPointerException when 'Bar Chart' button is pressed on the Datasets page
  0000640    simulation kernelcrashnew2013-03-21Destructor of cOwnedObject may invoke undefined behaviour if object is owned
  0000638    IDE / sequence chartfeaturenew2013-03-19No support for filtering out unwanted messages, or to specify a pattern filter
  0000637    IDE / NED editorminornew2013-03-18cursor position changed in a NED editor when selected another NED file and select again it
  0000629    IDE / genericminornew2013-02-28IDE should be able to run from a r/o directory
  00005543   simulation kernelfeatureresolved (rhornig)2012-12-18@statistic does not allow specifying the enum for a vector
  00005941   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2012-12-17Disable scemantic C++ checker
  00005675   Installer / Productizingtweakresolved (rhornig)2012-11-07omnetpp 4.2.2 fails to build on Linux
  00006071   IDE / C++ developmentmajorresolved (rhornig)2012-11-05Debugger stops several times before/after reaching main()
  00006044   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2012-10-15Displays names changing back to default dataset name.
  00005751   IDE / result analysisfeatureresolved (tomi)2012-10-10Please implement computed scalars in Datasets
  00006021   simulation kernelmajornew2012-10-03Memory exhausted error on complex expressions in module indexes
  00006012   IDE / result analysisminornew2012-09-25vector file indexing anomalies
  0000599    IDE / result analysisminornew2012-09-24Chart of computed vectors can not be opened by double-clicking the vector in the Dataset view
  0000598    IDE / result analysisminornew2012-09-24Too small width of columns on browse data page (ubuntu)
  0000597    IDE / result analysistweaknew2012-09-14Edit forms should have content of textedit controls selected by default
  0000595    IDE / C++ developmenttrivialnew2012-09-12Create a config to show white spaces inside the lines.
  00005931   simulation kernelminornew2012-09-08change impl. of WATCH_VECTOR(), WATCH_PTRVECTOR() etc so that vector elements are individually inspectable
  0000592    IDE / result analysisminornew2012-09-04chart name is not accessible in the Properties view
  0000591    IDE / simulation launcherfeaturenew2012-08-29add "Only when debugging" option to "Debug on errors" radio button
  0000590    IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Exception using the Dataset page
  000058911 IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Dragging an item from the dataset toolbar causes exception
  0000588    IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Dataset page side toolbar buttons have no effect without selection
  0000587    IDE / simulation launcherminornew2012-08-28exe cannot be launched
  0000585    IDE / documentation generatorminornew2012-08-06Generated images depend on system's DPI settings
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