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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000597    IDE / result analysistweaknew2012-09-14Edit forms should have content of textedit controls selected by default
  0000595    IDE / C++ developmenttrivialnew2012-09-12Create a config to show white spaces inside the lines.
  00005931   simulation kernelminornew2012-09-08change impl. of WATCH_VECTOR(), WATCH_PTRVECTOR() etc so that vector elements are individually inspectable
  0000592    IDE / result analysisminornew2012-09-04chart name is not accessible in the Properties view
  0000591    IDE / simulation launcherfeaturenew2012-08-29add "Only when debugging" option to "Debug on errors" radio button
  0000590    IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Exception using the Dataset page
  000058911 IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Dragging an item from the dataset toolbar causes exception
  0000588    IDE / result analysisminornew (tomi)2012-08-28Dataset page side toolbar buttons have no effect without selection
  0000587    IDE / simulation launcherminornew2012-08-28exe cannot be launched
  0000585    IDE / documentation generatorminornew2012-08-06Generated images depend on system's DPI settings
  0000583    IDE / result analysisfeaturenew2012-07-12option to add jitter to scatter plots
  00005733   IDE / result analysisfeatureresolved (tomi)2012-07-09small usability improvements to the Analysis Tool
  00005742   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (tomi)2012-07-09Manually setting axis limit don't have any affect
  0000580 1 IDE / simulation launcherminornew2012-06-15Deep param assignment for channels is not working
  0000577    simulation kernelminornew2012-06-05A command line option to specify excluded ned packages
  0000576    simulation kernelblocknew2012-05-29Parallel simulation problem with rng
  00005701   simulation kernelminornew2012-05-16NaN-valued module parameter causes further similar parameters to be NaN as well
  0000569    Installer / Productizingminornew2012-05-16Eval version titles
  00005661   simulation kernelminornew2012-05-07Segfault at startup if NED file has two modules with same name
  0000564    simulation kernelfeaturenew2012-04-26suggestion: add a getRequiredAttribute() function to cXMLElement class
  0000557    IDE / simulation file cannot be launched
  00005561   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2012-03-27Missing x:include support in XML files
  000055522 simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2012-03-27Memory leak in output vector recording
  00005521   examplestrivialresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13Memory leak in TicToc
  00005511   simulation kernelmajorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13Out of order SystemC and OMNEST event execution
  00005503   IDE / result analysistrivialresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13Error in export as matlab script
  00005081   examplestrivialresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13Remove embedding example from the rundemo program
  000054772 IDE / result analysisminorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13What is wrong with this vector file?
  000054521 IDE / sequence chartmajorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-13freshly generated elog cannot be opened: "Missing mandatory token"
  00005321   IDE / genericminorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-12OMNeT++ project property pages appear for non-OMNeT++ projects too (and throw errors)
  00005361   command line toolsmajorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-12Output is not overwritten if switching between release and debug mode
  00005221   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-12"OMNeT++ [built-in]" C++ code style not effective in a fresh install
  00005442   IDE / C++ developmentminorresolved (rhornig)2012-03-12Need of .csettings directory!?
  00005312   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2012-03-12XML processing does not resolve XInclude elements
  0000542    IDE / C++ developmentminornew2012-02-22dependency scanner of the IDE only works when using .cc extension
  0000541    IDE / INI editorfeaturenew2012-02-21Make use of @enum in the ini editor, in NED editor and in Tkenv
  0000540    IDE / NED editorfeaturenew2012-02-21Make the type string definitions jumpable
  0000539    IDE / C++ developmentmajornew2012-02-17cannot complie with utf8
  00003994   simulation kernelminorresolved (andras)2012-02-07Can't tell where modules are while debugging
  0000535    command line toolsminornew2012-02-01OMNeT++ must be buildable using only the src and include directories.
  00004823   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (rhornig)2012-01-23Histograms cannot be exported to CVS/Matlab/Octave
  00005251   command line toolsminornew2012-01-20Maybe enumerations handled not correct in .msg files
  0000524    IDE / C++ developmentfeaturenew2012-01-18Contribute OMNeT++ code formatter via an extensions point
  000051851 IDE / othermajorresolved (andras)2012-01-17Can not create project features for MiXiM case
  00005062   IDE / result analysisminorresolved (rhornig)2012-01-16IDE cannot load vectors from a vec file greater than 2GB
  00000926   simulation kernelmajorresolved (rhornig)2012-01-16No large file support when compiled with default configuration on Linux
  00005212   simulation kernelminornew2012-01-15channel parameters cannot be set with pattern assignments in NED
  0000523    IDE / NED editorminornew2012-01-15NED source editor: syntax highlight doesn't like multi-line strings
  00005111   command line toolsminorresolved (andras)2012-01-10Simulation command line: options cannot be specified after an ini file
  00000941   IDE / NED editorfeatureresolved (andras)2012-01-09IDE for slow CPUs
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